Ainsa and the Sobrarbe region also have many possibilities in autumn, from our website we offer you a wide range of possibilities and packages if you want to enjoy alone, with your partner, family and/or friends.
Accompanied by qualified guides with great knowledge of the territory, in each of its sectors, we offer you adventure, hiking, nature, MTB, road cycling and heritage programs. A wide range of sports and cultural offers that will make you get to know and experience the territory in a different way.
From your home you can choose the accommodation and activities package you want, starting from a base price, you can choose from the accommodations we offer in the group and which best suits your needs.
Our region, Sobrarbe, is a privileged land, which has had a different development from our neighboring regions of the Pyrenees, public and private investments here never had the size and significance necessary to transform the territory in an impersonal way, this derivative that during For many years it was considered a “backwardness”, it has become our main asset: authenticity, the persistence of the rural world, the landscape sculpted by our agriculture and livestock, the personality of each of the tourist establishments, the feeling that here in a way the essence is preserved.
All development has consequences, it is the responsibility of all economic actors that this development is sustainable, minimizes the environmental impact and, if possible, generates a circular economy, enjoy the territory and return it to the territory, it will thank you so that you can always continue enjoying it.
You choose your passion, we organize it for you.